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We understand how much country people rely on need to drive a vehicle for work or managing the family. We also know how easy it can be breach a traffic law, which seem to be ever growing in both volume and complexity.

It is important to always remain respectful and courteous when speaking to a police officer even if you feel that the police have no grounds to speak to you.

If a member of the Western Australian Police wishes to speak to you concerning a traffic law violation it is important to:

  • Provide your name and address
  • Provide your driver’s licence
  • If required provide a sample of breath for a breath test
  • If required provide a sample of saliva, urine or blood for a drug test
  • Provide the owners details of the vehicle you were in control of at the time.
  • Tell the officer in charge of your nearest police station as soon as possible, if you have been involved in a vehicle accident where someone has been hurt or more than $3000 dollars damage to property has occurred. You should disclose your name, address, vehicle details and the time, date and location of the crash.

Before you answer any questions from a police officer about the circumstances of the crash or traffic violation we recommend speaking to one of our lawyers.

Some of the more common traffic matters we advise on are as follows:

  • Reckless driving causing death, grievous or bodily harm
  • Reckless driving
  • Dangerous driving
  • Careless driving
  • Hoon driving offences
  • Drink driving offences
  • Fail to stop
  • Driving while disqualified
  • Speeding


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